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Hong Kong Rents Third Most Expensive in World from The Wall Street Journal

More expensive than London? Here are the five most expensive locations to rent a standard two-bedroom apartment, as of September, according to ECA: Tokyo Average monthly rent: US$4,352 Year-over-year change: 2% Moscow Average monthly rent: US$3,500 Year-over-year change: 17% Hong Kong Average monthly rent: US$2,830 Year-over-year change: 22% London Average monthly rent: US$2,824 Year-over-year change: 4% Singapore Average monthly rent: US$2,810 Year-over-year change: 15% From Live it. Love it. Hong Kong.

Christina, Nelson, Martin, Nelvin, Hong Kong

As soon as we learned that Mr. Diplomat’s first posting is Hong Kong, I brought out the diligent me and started looking for Web sites on expatriation here. A city with so little space yet so many expats would definitely have sky-high rents as expected, so I started my search for a flat with the minimum requirements that we would settle for. I figured that two bedrooms, two bathrooms with one en suite, and at least an 800-sq ft area would be enough. I was not able to find any. Apparently, we would have to upgrade our preference to three bedrooms to get an en suite bathroom. With a certain design in mind and a budget not exceeding HKD16,000, I was able to shortlist two districts, Discovery Bay and Tung Chung.  Discovery Bay is famous for being an enclave for Westerners and is a 30-minute ferry ride away from Central district. On the other hand, Tung Chung is home to many flight attendants and pilots and is a 30-minute train ride from Central. Both are in Lantau Island where the airport is and not …