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Crabby cabbie

After 10 cab rides, 5 cabbie rejections, 2 grunting cabbies and 1 very expensive 10-minute ride from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui, I’ve given up on taking a cab here. I’ve tried picking up the local accent on how to say where I was going, as well as showing the cabbie a GPS route on how to get there. Nothing seems to work. In between, I was half hoping that I would get into one with its own GPS like in Singapore. Since when did taking a cab become a chore? If you’re a tourist who do not speak the local language, here are your best bets for having a successful cab ride. 1. Make sure that your destination is a tourist spot. 2. Otherwise, get off at the tourist spot nearest your destination. Ninety percent of the people living in Hong Kong rely on public transport, very efficient indeed, but for the meantime, I will skip the cabs and do as most locals do: take the MTR and walk!