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Books for the bathroom

As promised a year ago, I accompanied Mr. Diplomat to this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair to fill his insatiable need for books. We were amazed by the Hong Kongers’ love for books. Last night’s crowd was more like that of a concert than that of a book fair. We got the following books for HKD29 to HKD134 only. 1. Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose 2. Classic Storybook from Disney Press 3. Eisenhower by Carlo D’Este 4. InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets from the Editors of InStyle, with Eleni Gage 5. Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine from Time Inc. Home Entertainment Books 6. Nursery Rhymes from Disney Press 7. The Handbook of Style from the Editors of Esquire Magazine 8. The Mayo Clinic Plan from Time Inc. Home Entertainment Books 9. Watches International XI from Tourbillon International 10. Wine by Andre Domine Who owns each book is a giveaway.

Coffeetable book no. 1

Over the weekend, the first coffeetable book that I made (with contributions from Mr. Diplomat as he puts it) was delivered whee! I was surprised that it got here in Hong Kong from the US 2 days earlier than estimated by the FedEx tracking system. The book contains our wedding photos, with inputs from our wedsite. It has been overdue for over a year, so it was one of the first projects that I had after we got settled here in Hong Kong. I made it using the BookSmart software of, a publisher that a lot of photographers use. I find it cute that I used Blurb for my book, which does not have its own blurb! (Sorry…that was just some geeky slip.) I am not really familiar with the specifications of a book, so I just chose what I thought would look best: 12 x 12 inches, hard cover, ImageWrap, premium paper, matte finish…The software is very easy to use, pretty much like PowerPoint; it will even notify you if a photo’s resolution …

Fortune cookie

Every time I get invited to Mr. Diplomat’s functions, I make sure that I come prepared. I research about the new people I will be meeting, and for the others that I have met before, I try to recall what they have already related to me about themselves. It’s like having little Post-its at the back of my mind for each affair that I go to. Tonight, we attended a book launch by someone who belongs to Hong Kong 500, a list of who’s who in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Tatler. The book covers their family chronicles and how they intertwine with the histories of Mainland China, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Earlier today, I was practicing my introductory spiel: It’s an honor to meet someone from the Hong Kong 500… So as Mr. Diplomat and I were having our book signed, here’s what I ended up saying: It’s an honor to finally meet someone included in the Fortune 500! And it didn’t occur to me that that’s what I said until she …

Le Guide Michelin

The first book we bought in Hong Kong is the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2010, a tradition that we want to keep for every country we get posted to. I remember the man at the bookstore suggesting some other travel guide instead of this, but in my mind, I feel sorry for him for not being aware what an institution this book is. The first Guide Michelin was published in 1900 by Andre and Edouard Michelin as a free travel guide for the motorists of France. Through the years, it expanded to the rest of Europe and the United States and is now uncovering Asia. The red guides review restaurants and/or hotels, whereas the green guides review other points of interest. The Michelin Guide New York won Best Restaurant Guide in the World, and Bibendum, the best corporate logo of the century. For the red guides, anonymous inspectors give 1 to 3 Michelin stars to restaurants, with three being the highest, based on the quality and compatibility of the ingredients, the technical skill and …

Le Petit Prince en tournée

The Little Prince is on a world tour and made a stopover at Elements mall in Kowloon Peninsula for the summer. This book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a required reading back in the days. Seeing it over the weekend brought out the child in me, and I just had to take photos (and get a stamp wink wink)! The exhibit included the prince’s asteroid B612, asteroid 325 and the king, asteroid 326 and the conceited man, asteroid 327 and the tippler, asteroid 328 and the businessman, asteroid 329 and the lamplighter, and asteroid 330 and the geographer. It also featured the prince’s new wardrobe by Carol Gamarra and Mario Ville of katacca. Separate exhibits showcased the prince’s rose in a garden of 2,000 roses by Armani Fiori and Gary K, and my favorite, the boa that swallowed an elephant! Have fun!