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Finally! After 7 months of shuttling between the public and private healthcare systems here for antenatal checks (from my previous post I need a private hospital and some Dunkin’ Donuts), I received the provisional booking confirmation for delivering at Matilda International Hospital. That is a feat given that I was only deferred once and I still have 6 weeks to go before the due date. Donations for the deposit and final hospital bill are very much welcome!

I need a private hospital and some Dunkin’ Donuts

For the past 4 months, I have been battling out my way through being pregnant at post. For one, satisfying my cravings proved to be very challenging as food that I grew up with are not readily available. The nearest Dunkin’ Donuts, for example, is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China! There is no Krispy Kreme here either (sad, I know). On top of the first trimester blues, there is the anxiety of finding the right obstetrician and the right private hospital, wishing both will be as good as the previous ones I had back home. It is not really that simple to do that in Hong Kong. The fact of life here is to book a hospital, private or public, as soon as you learn that you are pregnant then pray for a confirmation that you have at least a bed on your due date. As early as May, most private hospitals have been fully booked for the rest of this year, one major reason for which is the influx of people from Mainland China who …

Quality acupuncture

Mr. Diplomat and I have a smorgasbord of bodily what nots to address: sleeping problems, allergic rhinitis, postpregnancy pains, jewelry allergy, eye sensitivities, etc. Yesterday, we braved the traditional Chinese medicine scene of Hong Kong just to see how it would go. Among the many choices that I found over the Internet, I felt like trying the Quality Chinese Medical Centre as they were the first one to get an ISO certification in this field locally ( The doctor pulsed me as the receptionist watches by and interprets from Cantonese to English, and I was surprised to find out I have weak spleen and kidneys when I went there seeking for just balance and harmony within (sooo Charlotte!). The doctor went on explaining that the weakness causes me to feel tired easily and, our worst enemy, to have too much water retention! Minutes after that, she placed in 16 acupuncture needles in my torso and four in my legs. I did not hear her diagnosis for Mr. Diplomat, but he ended up having four needles …

Eastern medicine

Reminds you of chemistry class? I had the same sentiment. Little Miss Siu Baau had 5 days of cough and cold that just won’t clear. After a diagnosis of upper respiratory tract infection and allergic airway at Human Health, she was given cocillana + Bisolvon, Dimeta-2, salbutamol, cetrizine, and Phenergan + diprophylline for 3 days. We had to space them at one medication every 30 minutes just so she can take them all without throwing up. And I thought Ventolin with Babyhaler was scary. Here, the medication you need will be given after a consultation with a private doctor. You do not have to buy them at a pharmacy as there is none here, except for the dispensaries at health centers and local shops where you can buy medicines without prescription. Over-the-counter drugs are available at 7-11, Circle K, Watson’s and Mannings. Are you a doctor? Tell me what you think.