First Posting: Hong Kong
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Hong Kong minute

And just like that, almost 3 years had passed. One minute, I was giving birth to Little Miss Ha Gaau; the next, I was looking for a kindergarten for her for next school year.

Mr. Diplomat moved on from handling cultural affairs to assisting our nationals and monitoring political and economic concerns. This means he is still busy attending events after office hours but not so much anymore for me to accompany him with (a very much welcome break if you ask me).

I got my certificates for finishing the Cantonese language programme — basic, intermediate and advanced — of the International Social Service. I can construct sentences in Cantonese…with a prayer that the Hong Konger before me answers back in English (haha). I did volunteer work, had a short stint as an English translator, and found more accompanying spouses to enjoy afternoon teas with.

Our private lives as just Daddy and Mommy are completely out of the window. Most of our nationals know and greet us. We talk to all of them, of course, but honestly remember previously meeting only a good half.

Little Miss Siu Baau finished K1 and K2 with best performance awards. Our lady is now in K3 and recently received confirmation from both primary schools we applied for (Thank God!). She had two milk teeth exfoliated and is ready to trade the next one with the Tooth Fairy for HKD10!

We have a new private staff. Don’t ask why.

The days in Hong Kong truly pass by as quickly as their trains in the Island Line. It was not too long ago when I was bound for Hong Kong thinking What am I going to do there for that long? Yet, here we are on the final leg of our tour of duty. Nothing sits still in this city; everything is dynamic.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kongers still dress up according to the month and not the temperature, bringing out their boots as soon as it is Mid-Autumn Festival at 27°C. Some things never change after all.


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