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Fatherhood, twice over

Little Miss Ha Gaau

Our eldest daughter will turn 3 years old this March. After the first few sleepless months of making her milk in the middle of the night and cleaning after her poop, wee-wee and barf, things have finally settled down.

We have been blessed with an inquisitive and precocious child. I have been pleasantly surprised numerous times regarding the fantastic progress that she has made. At babycenter, she has consistently surpassed the milestones appropriate for her age, except for her supposedly being fully toilet trained by now (ooops!). As I am typing this now, she is beside me playing a memory game on the iPhone, a device that she learned to navigate on her own. She can already read letters and numbers, and can converse in complete sentences.

When we were young, a child was already considered gifted if he or she could read by the age of 3 years. I am guessing that, with the advent of information technology, the way of thinking of the next generation will also be wired differently. It’s a totally different world right now, full of opportunities as well as uncertainties. As parents, we can only hope that we can be able to balance guiding our children with the values that we believe in but at the same time giving them enough leeway to discover things on their own.

And now, the cycle will start all over again. In a few days, Mrs. Diplomat will be giving birth to Little Miss Ha Gaau. For the past few months, we have already been training our Little Miss Siu Baau to take care of her baby sister when she finally comes out. Before she turns in for the night, we do the princess dance to Beauty and the Beast, she kisses us good night, including her baby sister in Mrs. Diplomat’s tummy, then we have our group hug and say our family cheer.

It has been a blessed year indeed, and with the impending arrival of Little Miss Ha Gaau, 2012 can only get better. Happy New Year!

Mr. Diplomat


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