Month: November 2011

Shaken, not stirred

An article on The 6 Characters You’ll Meet At Every Expat Bar got my attention a couple of months back. Make a wild guess on who made it to no. 3… 3. The Diplomat’s Wife She shows up every night at five o’clock on the dot, ready for happy hour surrounded by the group of four ex-pat wives who make up the town’s Western high society network in its entirety. The Diplomat’s Wife will without fail order the one martini on the menu, and will without fail mention how unfortunate it is that “you can’t even get a decent martini around here.” She spends her days doing her best to avoid the fact that she no longer lives in the land of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods by shuttling between the one grocery store which stocks imported goods and the one coffee shop which has made a few token efforts to imitate Starbucks. Any conversation with The Diplomat’s Wife will inevitably come around to all the ways in which “the locals” make life difficult, from …

Notes from the Field: Hong Kong High… from The New Diplomat’s Wife

A year ago, a very classy American Mrs. Diplomat whose blog I have been reading asked me if I can do a Notes from the Field interview, alongside other diplomats and diplospouses posted in different parts of the world. Who am I to say no to something like that. Here it is in two parts. Enjoy! Notes from the Field: Hong Kong High… Notes from the Field: Hong Kong High, Part II… From