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I won? Yey?

I Googled my name today, which my geeky self does every once in a while for no apparent reason, and Asia Tatler Dining came up. Surprise! My name is in a roster of winners of a HKD1,000 dining voucher for Hugo’s in Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui! Not much, but hey, it’s free!

Maybe I can treat Mr. Diplomat to their four-course Sunday lunch, which includes the following.

Seafood on ice (www.asiatatlerdining.com)

Roast Australian Black Angus rib of beef (www.asiatatlerdining.com)

Braised seafood soup with rouille and croutons (www.asiatatlerdining.com)

Baked chocolate souffle (www.asiatatlerdining.com)

Wait a minute, I never join such contests!?

There can only be one person to ask…Mr. Diplomaaat?!



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