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The root word for cultural is culture

Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

Any diplomat posted in Hong Kong knows that this dynamic place never runs out of cultural events for you to attend to. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department will make sure that you become familiar with the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, as well as the Hong Kong City Hall and Hong Kong Arts Centre, before your tour of duty ends. This year, the events we decided to grace ranged from the Moscow Circus on Ice to Swing for All, a kickoff jazz night to the City Festival 2011. These form just a fraction of all the other events we declined for not having the time. It is commendable that their government spends money and time to bring world culture closer to the Hong Kongers.

My only wish is for more locals to also do their end by somehow dressing up for the occasion as appropriate and not coming in shorts and slippers. Perhaps not necessarily for a circus but for an orchestra, a concert opera and the likes. These are, after all, cultural events in a cultural center, so we all might as well, as a righteous audience, imbibe the atmosphere.



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