Month: July 2011

I won? Yey?

I Googled my name today, which my geeky self does every once in a while for no apparent reason, and Asia Tatler Dining came up. Surprise! My name is in a roster of winners of a HKD1,000 dining voucher for Hugo’s in Hyatt Regency Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui! Not much, but hey, it’s free! Maybe I can treat Mr. Diplomat to their four-course Sunday lunch, which includes the following. Wait a minute, I never join such contests!? There can only be one person to ask…Mr. Diplomaaat?!

Books for the bathroom

As promised a year ago, I accompanied Mr. Diplomat to this year’s Hong Kong Book Fair to fill his insatiable need for books. We were amazed by the Hong Kongers’ love for books. Last night’s crowd was more like that of a concert than that of a book fair. We got the following books for HKD29 to HKD134 only. 1. Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose 2. Classic Storybook from Disney Press 3. Eisenhower by Carlo D’Este 4. InStyle Ultimate Beauty Secrets from the Editors of InStyle, with Eleni Gage 5. Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine from Time Inc. Home Entertainment Books 6. Nursery Rhymes from Disney Press 7. The Handbook of Style from the Editors of Esquire Magazine 8. The Mayo Clinic Plan from Time Inc. Home Entertainment Books 9. Watches International XI from Tourbillon International 10. Wine by Andre Domine Who owns each book is a giveaway.

The root word for cultural is culture

Any diplomat posted in Hong Kong knows that this dynamic place never runs out of cultural events for you to attend to. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department will make sure that you become familiar with the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, as well as the Hong Kong City Hall and Hong Kong Arts Centre, before your tour of duty ends. This year, the events we decided to grace ranged from the Moscow Circus on Ice to Swing for All, a kickoff jazz night to the City Festival 2011. These form just a fraction of all the other events we declined for not having the time. It is commendable that their government spends money and time to bring world culture closer to the Hong Kongers. My only wish is for more locals to also do their end by somehow dressing up for the occasion as appropriate and not coming in shorts and slippers. Perhaps not necessarily for a circus but for an orchestra, a concert opera and the likes. These are, after all, cultural events in …

Consular Corps ID

I would shamelessly admit that, when I first got here, I was giddy to flash my diplomatic passport as well as my upcoming Hong Kong ID specifically given only to diplomats, the Consular Corps ID. It’s just like having the latest model of Barbie as a little girl, you want to make sure your friends see you play with it for the first time. A year later, I found myself having of limited use for both. When we first signed a property contract here, one of the first questions the property agent asked was what our jobs were. The thing is, he does not know what a diplomat is, what a Vice Consul is nor what a consulate is. We tried using embassy and ambassador, terms that we assumed were more common to the uninitiated, but it seems nobody in that property office has heard of them either. Mr. Diplomat and I were mumbling, Don’t you guys travel? I bet they do. Hong Kongers are very much capable of that. But for some strange reason, …

The Road Trip Out of Libya from Diplomatic Baggage

Amidst all the glamour attached to being a diplomat’s wife, there lies the possibility of finding your self and your family in the middle of a crisis going on in the host country. I would like to share this article I found while researching on what my counterparts in Tokyo and Libya are experiencing after the tsunami and the political crisis, respectively. I dared not quote an excerpt as it is a first-hand account and a gripping one at that. The Road Trip Out of Libya From