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Little Miss Glitterbug

A pink flamingo, Little Miss Siu Baau’s first artwork

Early today was Little Miss Siu Baau’s first playgroup in Just Juniors. She is 2 years old. For Hong Kong standards, she started pretty late already. Some children her age already graduated from playgroup and are going to prenursery next school year.

Children do not commonly enrol in playgroups back home. They rely on their siblings, cousins and neighbors, their very own natural playgroup. Being an only child (so far) and an accompanying one at that, however, means she will grow up without constant friends. She has to rely primarily on me and Mr. Diplomat for that. If our private staff can stay with us until she goes to college, then all the better.

This playgroup is part of creating constants for her. Her Mondays and Wednesdays will now be spent with faces that will grow more and more familiar each time. Today may have been an adjustment day full of crying and chasing, but I know she enjoyed it as she whimpered when she already had to say bye-bye to her teacher and new friends.

Next Monday will be a better experience, and hopefully, we no longer have to eat chestnuts from a vending machine for not knowing we had to bring our own snacks.



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