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Hong Kong Travel Tips 11-20

Facade of Chungking Mansions (

11. Bring asthma medication if you are susceptible to air pollution as Hong Kong has a serious case.

12. You can check out OpenRice for the what, where and how much of almost any restaurant here.

13. If you prefer having your drinks with VIP treatment, go to any bar of the Igor’s Group: Bourbon, La Bodega, Marlin, Peel, Pickled Pelican, Pier 7, Stormies, The Keg, Tonic, Watermark, Wildfire etc. No, I do not know the owners.

14. Lifts in MTRs sometimes have their own entrance, so look for the lift sign first before tapping in.

15. Ride the tram through its back door, and go down through the front.

16. Cafe O, The Flying Pan and Tsui Wah Restaurant are open 24 hours, so you can shop til closing then just have dinner after!

17. In shops that have no English-speaking staff, you can negotiate the price through your mobile phone calculator.

18. The East Rail Line (Light Blue Line), Light Rail (Yellow Line), Ma On Shan Line (Brown Line) and West Rail Line (Purple Line) are serviced by older trains that are shorter than the length of the platform, so check if you are waiting at the right door as some doors will not open.

19. If you cannot find your size from the racks, head for the fitting room where they have mountains of clothes lined up to be returned to their original racks.

20. If the address of your hotel says Chungking Mansions, Mirador Mansions and Sincere Building, it’s time for you to increase your travel budget. However, go to Chungking Mansions for excellent Indian food and to Sincere Building for cheap electronics.



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