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Where space is indeed a luxury

Two Hong Kong permanent residents offered perhaps the closest description of how living here is like in their article The 50 things we love about Hong Kong.

6.Tiny living spaces.

In Australia we call these spaces cupboards. Here they are referred to as spacious 3 bedroom apartments. Climbing into one’s bed from the doorway is a common occurrence for Hong Kongers. Floor space includes the calculation of your share of the lift and the lobby, even the mail-box! The average Hong Kong home measures only 450 square feet. IKEA was made for Hong Kong as multi purpose furniture is a must.

Living space (or the lack thereof), in particular, is the most evident characteristic of this place. Anybody who has lived here will attest to that. 450 sq ft on average?! Indeed! But only if you settle for it.

For expats who are used to breathing space and who value quality of life, there are three options:

1. Your company is generous enough to provide you a spacious flat or at least subsidize it
2. Your salary if fat enough to afford you a spacious flat (How fat? Find out in my previous post Hong Kong Rents Third Most Expensive in World from The Wall Street Journal)
3. Your schedule allows you 30 minutes of travel by train or ferry so you can afford a spacious flat

But one Hong Konger, Architect Gary Chang, changed the rules altogether when he transformed a 344 sq ft flat into 24 rooms!

I told you our flat is a villa here.

Live it. Love it. Hong Kong.


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