Month: April 2011

Silvermine Beach Home

Searching for a quick weekend getaway for the holiday, I realized we can actually live in a beach-front hotel! The monthly rates of Silvermine Beach Hotel range from HKD8,800 to 13,300, cheaper than what most expats are paying for their flats here. Assessing the Web site photos, the hotel is not bad at all. I just wish we can do away with the 30-minute ferry ride to Central. Living in a beach-front hotel…sweet life.

Mrs. Lucky Hands

Lucky hands is my new moniker at a spa here. I have become friends with the owner and the staff, and they say the few lines in my hand mean lucky for them as I would have less troubles than other people. I guess it won’t hurt to believe. I love everyone at Max Beauty spa. They always let me pick whatever neutral OPI suits my fancy at the moment, even if it is supposed to be for sale and not for spa use. For that and the VIP treatment, yes, I feel lucky! Does that mean I have a Chinese name now?

Hong Kong Travel Tips 11-20

11. Bring asthma medication if you are susceptible to air pollution as Hong Kong has a serious case. 12. You can check out OpenRice for the what, where and how much of almost any restaurant here. 13. If you prefer having your drinks with VIP treatment, go to any bar of the Igor’s Group: Bourbon, La Bodega, Marlin, Peel, Pickled Pelican, Pier 7, Stormies, The Keg, Tonic, Watermark, Wildfire etc. No, I do not know the owners. 14. Lifts in MTRs sometimes have their own entrance, so look for the lift sign first before tapping in. 15. Ride the tram through its back door, and go down through the front. 16. Cafe O, The Flying Pan and Tsui Wah Restaurant are open 24 hours, so you can shop til closing then just have dinner after! 17. In shops that have no English-speaking staff, you can negotiate the price through your mobile phone calculator. 18. The East Rail Line (Light Blue Line), Light Rail (Yellow Line), Ma On Shan Line (Brown Line) and West Rail Line …

School for Little Miss Siu Baau

Little Miss Siu Baau turned 2 years old recently, Mr. Diplomat and I have been discussing how we are going to go about her education. In the British system, which is being followed in Hong Kong, she will have to go through nursery, reception, year 1 and year 2 here. Our preschooler will start a year from now, but with the mile-long waiting list in English schools here, starting to look for schools now just might be all too late. A friend gave us a pamphlet, Education 2011, tailored to guide expats in choosing schools here. If we are going for an international school, we are looking at annual fees of HKD43,000 in the case of Norwegian International School to HKD189,100 in the case of Hong Kong International School. Some international schools also require debentures of HKD50,000 to 1,000,000 on top of the annual fees. Another option presented in the pamphlet is to go for schools under the English Schools Foundation (ESF schools), which applies the British system as adapted to Hong Kong. The annual fees …

5 Mean girly things for the mean guy

Random thoughts after seeing another couple, yet again, argue publicly in the MTR (not the best sight in the world)… 5. Have him wear heels for 1 hour. No sitting allowed. 4. Have him endure foot paraffin. Inform the therapist he likes the wax freshly heated. 3. Have his hair permed or rebonded, whichever looks more stupid on him. Pay extra for high-contrast highlights. 2. Have his monobrow shaped. Only by tweezing, no less. 1. Book him a boyzilian. Tell him it’s a new massage from Brazil. Disclaimer: Similarities to real situations are unintentional. This only means one thing…I am officially bored.