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Quality acupuncture

Acupuncture needles sticking out of my tummy

Mr. Diplomat and I have a smorgasbord of bodily what nots to address: sleeping problems, allergic rhinitis, postpregnancy pains, jewelry allergy, eye sensitivities, etc. Yesterday, we braved the traditional Chinese medicine scene of Hong Kong just to see how it would go.

Among the many choices that I found over the Internet, I felt like trying the Quality Chinese Medical Centre as they were the first one to get an ISO certification in this field locally ( The doctor pulsed me as the receptionist watches by and interprets from Cantonese to English, and I was surprised to find out I have weak spleen and kidneys when I went there seeking for just balance and harmony within (sooo Charlotte!). The doctor went on explaining that the weakness causes me to feel tired easily and, our worst enemy, to have too much water retention! Minutes after that, she placed in 16 acupuncture needles in my torso and four in my legs. I did not hear her diagnosis for Mr. Diplomat, but he ended up having four needles placed in his face, two in his hands and four more in his legs. She placed heaters over the areas where the needles are afterward.

Did it hurt? I can guarantee you that it did not, except for certain instances when the doctor had to adjust the needles by twisting them further in, which made me go Oh God! But really, getting a full facial can be more painful.

However, the pain will apparently be felt not by your body but by your wallet instead. As they say, if you want quality, you pay quality. We could not agree more.

And just when you thought the worst part was over, wait til you have tasted the herbs that you have to take for the next 5 days, a sure candidate for Fear Factor!

We were asked to come back twice a week for a month. We are still thinking, and computing, it over while searching for the clinic where the locals go.

Nevertheless, this is a must-do in Hong Kong or in any Chinese city for that matter. Who wants to go next?



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