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Ca phe

Vietnamese coffee going through a phin filter

Both of us are coffee connoisseurs. Arabica, robusta, liberica, Colombian, Brazilian, Guatemalan, Philippine, French, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, Starbucks, Country Style, McCafe, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Gloria Jean’s, Seattle’s Best, Dunkin Donuts, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Krispy Kreme, Figaro, UCC, Pacific Coffee Company, Caffe Cova…we try any kind that comes our way, four of which are sitting in our kitchen at this very moment.

Mr. Diplomat raved about Vietnamese coffee from one of his trips, but it was not until I have tried it myself in Nha Trang in Central that I was able to understand what he really meant. Its rich flavor has an oomph that I cannot put a finger on. It’s simply the best for me. So when I met Vietnamese Mrs. Diplomat, I just had to throw a compliment. She gave me three boxes of her favorite one, G7, after that!

G7 is the gourmet instant coffee line of Trung Nguyen, a major player in the coffee industry of Vietnam, which is the next top coffee supplier after Brazil ( The company also produces ground coffee, tea and the exotic and expensive kopi luwak ( Here, Trung Nguyen is available from Kai Bo Food Supermarket.

Do not be fooled by the instant coffee label because it tastes better than most brewed coffees we have tried. Two sachets, 2.5 tablespoons of condensed milk and a mug of hot water does it for us on a regular day. For Mr. Diplomat’s busier days, I add a tablespoon or two of Baileys Irish Cream…perfect!

G7 gourmet instant coffee

Is it the climate of Vietnam, the coffee blend, the phin filter or the deep roasted but never burnt claim of Trung Nguyen ( that gives this distinct taste? Let’s discuss it over Vietnamese coffee, shall we?



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