Month: February 2011

Must Have: Diplomatic Incidents by Cherry Denman

The hilarious memoirs of an undiplomatic wife. This is Cherry Denman’s witty take on her life trailing husband Charlie round some of the most godforsaken outposts of the world. Illustrated by brilliantly funny cartoons of diplomatic life, this is a collection of clever and very funny tales of global misunderstanding. From Cherry Denman was once posted in Hong Kong. I like her already!

The Madam and Royce

Among the Foreign Service Officers that we have in Hong Kong, only two have wives: the Consul General and Mr. Diplomat. The wife of the Consul General though is based in New York, leaving me as the only diplomat’s wife based here. Learning that the Madam will be visiting Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year sent me the shivers. What is she like? What should I wear? What should I say? Needless to say, I started to do my research. Nobody seemed to know anything else about the Madam besides her chosen career and where she is based. Asking the Consul General for more information is out of the question, we can only rely on the snippets that we picked up from our previous conversations. I searched Google with the hope of finding a photo of the Consul General with the Madam but to no avail. Without much information at hand, I planned to just wear a basic dress and low-heeled shoes to match, fingers crossed! We anticipated that the dinner at the Official …

Best cities for a weekend break? from Lonely Planet

You don’t have to plan an epic journey to get your travel fix – often a quick-hit city break can really take the edge off your travel hunger and pep you up for weeks afterwards. So, if you’ve got very limited time, where do you go?… 1. Paris 2. Barcelona 3. New York City 4. Amsterdam 5. Berlin 6. Istanbul 7. Prague 8. London 9. Hong Kong 10. Bangkok From Two years ago, we told ourselves we will go back to Hong Kong over one weekend just to eat. Who thought we’d be back for a whole lot more?

Hong Kong Rents Third Most Expensive in World from The Wall Street Journal

More expensive than London? Here are the five most expensive locations to rent a standard two-bedroom apartment, as of September, according to ECA: Tokyo Average monthly rent: US$4,352 Year-over-year change: 2% Moscow Average monthly rent: US$3,500 Year-over-year change: 17% Hong Kong Average monthly rent: US$2,830 Year-over-year change: 22% London Average monthly rent: US$2,824 Year-over-year change: 4% Singapore Average monthly rent: US$2,810 Year-over-year change: 15% From Live it. Love it. Hong Kong.

Quality acupuncture

Mr. Diplomat and I have a smorgasbord of bodily what nots to address: sleeping problems, allergic rhinitis, postpregnancy pains, jewelry allergy, eye sensitivities, etc. Yesterday, we braved the traditional Chinese medicine scene of Hong Kong just to see how it would go. Among the many choices that I found over the Internet, I felt like trying the Quality Chinese Medical Centre as they were the first one to get an ISO certification in this field locally ( The doctor pulsed me as the receptionist watches by and interprets from Cantonese to English, and I was surprised to find out I have weak spleen and kidneys when I went there seeking for just balance and harmony within (sooo Charlotte!). The doctor went on explaining that the weakness causes me to feel tired easily and, our worst enemy, to have too much water retention! Minutes after that, she placed in 16 acupuncture needles in my torso and four in my legs. I did not hear her diagnosis for Mr. Diplomat, but he ended up having four needles …