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10 Things I learned while our private staff is on vacation

Mrs. Doubtfire (

Our private staff went on vacation since the first week of January, hence, this blog went hibernating for a while. It is the first time we were left for ourselves, just me, Mr. Diplomat and Little Miss Siu Baau, since we got here last June. Here is what the past 3 weeks have taught me.

1. OPI can last a week on my nails and a week of household chores without chipping.
2. Mr. Diplomat can return the hair dryer after using it.
3. I can wait until after lunch, when Little Miss Siu Baau is taking an afternoon nap, before I turn on the laptop for the first time in a day.
4. The hardest of all chores is making the bed with a heavy quilt. I opted not to change the quilt cover!
5. You can burn up to 2 inches off your hair if you are close enough to the flame while tasting what you are cooking.
6. A sheet of Bounce is too much for a day’s worth of laundry and can trigger allergic sneezing.
7. Mr. Diplomat can put his used clothes in the hamper, not somewhere near it but actually in it.
8. The only other person I completely trust to know exactly what to do with Little Miss Siu Baau when I am not around is my mother…okay okay, not to mention Mr. Diplomat.
9. The vegetables we buy from the supermarket here just refuse to rot. The carrots and potatoes have been in the fridge for almost 3 weeks, and they are still, well, carrots and potatoes. Scary.
10. I can make it without our staff, but it entails that I let go of polished nails and diplomatic functions that I get invited in. Striking a balance in between is more like it.

Tomorrow, our staff will finally be back, with a renewed sense of importance for me and Mr. Diplomat. One day more, 19 hours to be exact!



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