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Money back

MoneyBack (slash Asia Miles) card

If there is one card that I would recommend any future resident of Hong Kong should get first thing, it’s nothing but the MoneyBack card. Why?, you ask. The name says it all. This is by far the quickest way we have earned rewards through a card.

Using this free card while shopping at Park n Shop, International, Taste, Watsons and Fortress, as well as dining at Gourmet, Fusion and Great, will earn you points. For a typical Hong Konger, that practically means living your everyday life earning points.

The best part is, well at least for Mr. Diplomat and me, these points can be converted to Asia Miles! Our first 4 months here alone earned us 1,800 miles. Good deal, right?

If they would only include Ikea for earning points, then this card would be no less than perfect!



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