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Last year, I gave away gifts wrapped like they should be…fit to be put under a Christmas tree. I had to go back after a couple of days for the gift wrapping to be done, but the faces of those who received my gifts were worth the wait.

How gift wraps should be

For me, gifts should make one wonder what’s inside. They should make
one feel like opening them right away instead of having to wait for Christmas Day. The wrapping plays a big role in dressing up any gift.

Over the holidays, I have been looking for a mall that can do a fabulous gift wrapping service for free. I found some that provide such service, but fabulous? Not.

The locals I asked wrap their own gifts or settle for the paper bags that shops provide. But my point is, wouldn’t you know what is inside a paper bag that has been sleeping under your Christmas tree the whole December if it says Tie Rack London or Links London. Almost everyone had those paper bags last month.

So last December, I had to lower my expectations and endure seeing the cashier herself wrap my gift. You got that right, the cashier also does the wrapping! No specially trained staff to do the gift wrapping exists, except perhaps at Toys R Us. At one point, I even received a gift from Mr. Diplomat wrapped so hurriedly, the cashier did not have the time to cut the wrapper with scissors so that one side looked like it was torn by someone in preschool.

One of my missions then for this year is to turn this place over for a shop that can provide a gift wrapping service with the sophistication I am looking for. Otherwise, I would have to buy my next gifts from some place else that would give them a touch of Christmas.


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