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I got a 73

Worship sticks offered to Wong Tai Sin

Our Cantonese class was fortunate to have a very accommodating teacher who patiently answers all our irrelevant questions about Hong Kong and generously shares their history and culture. He brought us to Wong Tai Sin Temple before 2010 ended. He frequents this place if he wants some of his questions about life answered and finds it to be pretty much accurate by far. Of course, our class of so and so women and only one man had to try it out.

Inside the temple, we were given a couple of worship sticks each. Our teacher recommended at least three of these sticks to be offered to Wong Tai Sin. I offered all of mine.

Those who wanted to experience the question and answer part had to get a bamboo cylinder filled with fortune sticks. I knelt down in prayer, with my question in mind. I had to keep shaking the bamboo until a fortune stick came out. There it was, number 73.

We headed for the rows of fortune tellers beside the temple. Our teacher recommends Bernard Wong for accuracy, not just relative to him but according to his other classes as well. When it was my turn, I told him my question and the number that came out of the bamboo, my no. 73. And all he said was everything is going to be very good. I had no further questions.

Everything is going to be very good. With that, I welcome 2011. Happy New Year!

My fortune stick no. 73



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