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Food under HKD25

Cafe de Coral (

For backpackers bound for or already in Hong Kong for the holidays, here is a list of where you can find meals within HKD25:

1. Cafe de Coral offers a taste of Hong Kong with a branch at every corner. Do not leave Hong Kong without eating at this fast food joint.
2. Fairwood is another fast food chain spread across Hong Kong. It has a similar menu as Cafe de Coral.
3. Pret A Manger offers healthy sandwiches and wraps if you are not into food additives. Two of its branches are conveniently located at Central Station and Admiralty Station.
4. McDonald’s has Amazing Value Meals for less than HKD15.
5. Ikea Bistro at Causeway Bay offers Swedish meatballs for HKD9 and a hotdog sandwich with a refillable drink for only HKD10!

Of course, there will always be 7-Eleven and Circle K for their instant meals, hotdog sandwiches, chha siu baaus, garlic noodles and cervelats.

If you are travelling on a really tight budget, bring your own water as drinks usually cost HKD10 to 15. Don’t forget to skip the chaos and have lunch before the offices go on break at 1:00 pm.

Happy holidays!



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