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Hong Kong Weather Season by Season from About

I bumped into this article as I was checking the current local weather condition for my mother-in-law, who is coming over for the holidays.

Winter weather in Hong Kong (Mid-December – February) is noticeably cooler than the city’s other seasons, it is nevertheless mild. Snow is unheard of in Hong Kong and frost occurs only one once or twice a year. Crisp, clear days, with little rain, do make winter a viable time to visit Hong Kong. Seemingly, the locals don’t notice that it isn’t really winter outside, and will wrap themselves up like Polar Bears regardless…Sweaters will be needed for most days and a light jacket or coat for evenings. Despite the locals, gloves and scarves are only needed by those particularly susceptible to the cold.

True enough, at Citygate Outlets the other day, I saw foreigners in T-shirts, shorts and slippers and, at the same time, locals in trench coats, pashminas and boots. I was wearing something in between.

Live it. Love it. Hong Kong.


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