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Bespoke: La Elite Fashion

Think Ocean's Eleven (

Unknown to many, Hong Kong is also all about bespoke suits and not just the food. Its British heritage left behind an Asian version of Savile Row in Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. Where Hong Kong magazine recommended nine established bespoke tailors. Some of these skilled tailors can finish a suit in 24 hours upon request for those who are just in transit. Some can suit you up in the same fabric used by Ermenegildo Zegna for a price, and some can even have your order shipped to wherever you are in the world.

David Fashion
La Elite Fashion
Lapel Gents & Ladies Tailor
L&K Custom Tailor
Nita Fashion
Punjab House
Raja Fashion
Sam’s Tailor
Shaniel Custom Tailor

From Where Hong Kong

Mr. Diplomat has long been a connoisseur of bespoke suits, dress shirts and shoes, and has been loyal to his tailor, Valerio. A consummate gentleman has to be suited well, and so, our journey down this path begins anew as we try on the tailors of Hong Kong. Our first stop…La Elite Fashion.

The owner himself, Mr. Danny Hussain, will most probably be the one to greet you when you enter the shop. He will offer you a multitude of fabrics depending on what color or style you prefer, how often you wear a suit and how many seasons your country has. If you are a tourist, he will also ask you when you are leaving Hong Kong so that they can finish it beforehand. It is best if you tell him the nature of your job so that he can give the best recommendations.

Location From Tsim Sha Tsui Station Exit N5, make a U-turn to your right. You will find the shop before you reach the corner.

Suit After a week and a half and two fittings, Mr. Diplomat was able to claim his suits and dress shirts, although it seems we are going back for minor alterations on the suits and on one of the dress shirts. You will be spoiled with your full name sewn on the inner pocket of your coat. Similarly, your dress shirt will have your monogram on the cuff on the same wrist where you wear your watch. Neat! If you want to go for an overkill, you can also have your cuff links done bespoke. I wonder if Valerio also has these personalized services as they never offered it before.

Price As you may have expected, the price will depend on the fabric you pick. For Mr. Diplomat’s needs, HKD4,980 got him two everyday four-season suits, two everyday dress shirts and two off-the-rack ties. No, we did not get the Zegna fabric. It was available though for around HKD9,000 per suit. Bespoke cuff links are at HKD180 a pair.

If I were to base it on the number of alterations needed, I would say that Valerio suited him better. It is undeniable though that the fabric collection here is hard to match. Are we going back to La Elite Fashion for more suits? Not just yet. It would be wiser to try out the other equally good tailors first before settling for one.


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