Tales from the Diplokitchen
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Tales from the Diplokitchen: Fab 5’s Mushroom Risotto

Plating no. 1

Pressured to brush up on our culinary skills (following my earlier post Notes from the Field: Mauritania, Part II from The New Diplomat’s Wife), Mr. Diplomat attempted to make mushroom risotto for lunch. The recipe is recommended by Ted Allen in the book (of the show) Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: The Fab 5’s Guide to Looking Better, Cooking Better, Dressing Better, Behaving Better, and Living Better, which we love so much that we brought it with us when we moved here. Mr. Diplomat was not able to find chives at International and decided to add prosciutto instead. I don’t think that makes sense, but the risotto was goood!

Plating no. 2

Forgive us for the plating.


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  1. thenewdiplomatswife says

    Looks pretty yummy to me – sign me up if we’re ever in Hong Kong!


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