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Eastern medicine

Medications for pediatric respiratory infection and allergic cough

Reminds you of chemistry class? I had the same sentiment. Little Miss Siu Baau had 5 days of cough and cold that just won’t clear. After a diagnosis of upper respiratory tract infection and allergic airway at Human Health, she was given cocillana + Bisolvon, Dimeta-2, salbutamol, cetrizine, and Phenergan + diprophylline for 3 days. We had to space them at one medication every 30 minutes just so she can take them all without throwing up. And I thought Ventolin with Babyhaler was scary.

Here, the medication you need will be given after a consultation with a private doctor. You do not have to buy them at a pharmacy as there is none here, except for the dispensaries at health centers and local shops where you can buy medicines without prescription. Over-the-counter drugs are available at 7-11, Circle K, Watson’s and Mannings.

Are you a doctor? Tell me what you think.



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