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Patch of green

Trick or treat also means cameras everywhere trying to capture the little ones in their costumes. Little Miss Siu Baau had her share of that last night at a friend’s Halloween party. One guest took her photo with me and Mr. Diplomat. Still holding my smile, I turned around toward Mr. Diplomat and our private staff, and their reactions said it all. There it was, a parcel of an inviting dim sum we had before going to that party stuck somewhere between my teeth. Thank you, Bao Dim Sin Seng, for that delicious treat, but this is so not worth it. All I can do now is pray that whoever owns that camera would be kind enough to Photoshop that shot…even after having a good laugh about it. Sniff sniff. That was some trick, Mrs. Diplomat!

This scraps my previous agreement with Mr. Diplomat to be each other’s mirror, especially at a function. Mrs. Diplomat Lesson No. 2: Check on Mr. Diplomat’s and your appearance yourself.


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