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Almost Oktoberfest

The free souvenir mug that we unintentionally left on our table and had to come back for

As typhoon Megi was initially geared up to hit Hong Kong over the weekend, we ended up going to the German Bierfest (of my earlier post Yum bui!) on the 26th instead. This year’s is the 19th of this series of

the most traditional and authentic, largest, longest running outdoor German bierfest in Asia!

The open-air Viewing Platform of the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel was packed with beer fans, making that Tuesday seem more like a Friday. The chilly autumn weather was no match to the festive chicken-dancing atmosphere.

German Bierfest on a Tuesday night

We went for the bierfest rostbratwurst vom holzkohlengrill mit salatbouquet, rheinischer sauerbraten mit rotkraut und spätzli, and schwarzwälder torte. Thank God for the English translation or you will be sober by the time you get to say your order! Those are simply the charcoal-grilled sausage with salad, braised beef steak in red wine vinegar sauce with braised red cabbage and spätzli, and black forest cake. Löwenbräu and Beck’s completed the feast for Mr. Diplomat.

Bierfest rostbratwurst vom holzkohlengrill mit salatbouquet

Rheinischer sauerbraten mit rotkraut und spätzli

Schwarzwälder torte and Beck's

For us, that was the first semblance of how they do Oktoberfest in Germany, where it originated. Although I am not much of a beer fan, I would love to spend an October in Munich someday for the real deal. I’m pretty sure Mr. Diplomat would be amenable to that as he found a match to Hoegaarden in Löwenbräu.

Löwenbräu, which shares the heart of Mr. Diplomat with Hoegaarden

To cap the night, we went home to a blog that was also celebrating its 1,000th hit! Whee! People actually read me? I can only hope my readers were sober when they clicked me.

Are we going back next year? Definitely! This time, we are lining up for the gebratene schweinehaxe mit rotkraut und kartoffelgratin…err…roast pork knuckle served with braised red cabbage and gratinated potatoes. See you at 6:00 pm sharp!

A man (not Mr. Diplomat) who found his happy place in two pitchers of beer


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