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Notes from the Field: Mauritania, Part II from The New Diplomat’s Wife

The New Diplomat’s Wife featured an interview on another diplo-significant other posted in Mauritania, a country in Africa wherein we currently do not have an embassy.

You’re having guests over on Saturday night, what’s on the menu?

A typical diplo-menu may include:
Chilled asparagus soup amuse bouche served in Moroccan tea cups
Lobster tail salad with shrimp and calamari
Moroccan prune and almond tajine with raisin couscous
Mini pears poached in hibiscus juice with raspberry sorbet and a splash of champagne for those who drink alcohol
Puerto Rican coffee and oriental mignardises

This excerpt made me stop and realize that I do not have a default menu yet. How bad is that?

I started to learn the ins and outs of the kitchen only barely 2 years ago, when I married Mr. Diplomat. Because I always end up cutting my self with even the thinnest aluminum lid, I passed on what I learned to our private staff and let her do everything now, except if it is pasta. Looking at the madame’s selection, the dishes I know were miniaturized to takeout food. I have to learn mooore.

I think Martha Sherpa will be a good start. Local cuisine, here we go!

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