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A Friday with Dadawa

Dadawa (www.lcsd.gov.hk)

Spending a Friday at a cultural center may not be ideal for many. For us, this is becoming the norm. Last Friday was no exception as the Hong Kong Cultural Centre hosted Hear the World, Dadawa in Concert 2010.

If you haven’t heard of her before (like me), Zhu Zheqin, better known as Dadawa, is a phenomenal Chinese diva who will remind you of Bjork or Enya. Her third album, Seven Days, a collaboration with Oscar-winner Ross Kauffman, won the Best World Fusion Album at the Independent Music Awards in 2008. More than that, last year, she was named National Goodwill Ambassador for China of the United Nations Development Programme and was tasked to preserve ethnic minority cultures.

This concert is a product of her travels to ethnic regions in Western China for the past year for her project Show the World, Culture-Based Development Goodwill Action for Ethnic Minorities. Hence, it featured excerpts from the traditional music of China rendered with ethnic music masters from the Mongolian, Kazakh, Yi, Miao and Tibetan ethnic groups.

A crowd favorite was the Mongolian Khoomi or throat singer, Jin Shan. What the hell is throat singing? was my first reaction, but the earthly sound turned out to be very very amusing.

Dadawa’s music may not be for everybody, but I believe that preserving one’s culture and history should be.

Study the past if you would define the future.


Okay, Mr. Diplomat, you can laugh now.



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