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Why are lovely ladies attracted to married men?

For a deeper understanding of the lovely lady (of my earlier post Amah, lovely lady, John Travolta and Uma Thurman)…

According to Health And Marriage: Benefits For Men, studies show that married men apparently have less stress, as indicated by having less of the stress hormone cortisol, compared with their single counterparts. However, studies also show that having low levels of cortisol make men more attractive to women. And yes, by the transitive property we all learned in grade school, that translates to…married men are more attractive to women!

The findings come from Dr. Fhionna Moore, a psychology lecturer at Abertay University. “We analysed different levels and combinations of cortisol and testosterone and found a strong link between low cortisol levels, which is present when someone has low stress levels, and being highly attractive to women.”



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