Month: October 2010

Patch of green

Trick or treat also means cameras everywhere trying to capture the little ones in their costumes. Little Miss Siu Baau had her share of that last night at a friend’s Halloween party. One guest took her photo with me and Mr. Diplomat. Still holding my smile, I turned around toward Mr. Diplomat and our private staff, and their reactions said it all. There it was, a parcel of an inviting dim sum we had before going to that party stuck somewhere between my teeth. Thank you, Bao Dim Sin Seng, for that delicious treat, but this is so not worth it. All I can do now is pray that whoever owns that camera would be kind enough to Photoshop that shot…even after having a good laugh about it. Sniff sniff. That was some trick, Mrs. Diplomat! This scraps my previous agreement with Mr. Diplomat to be each other’s mirror, especially at a function. Mrs. Diplomat Lesson No. 2: Check on Mr. Diplomat’s and your appearance yourself.

Almost Oktoberfest

As typhoon Megi was initially geared up to hit Hong Kong over the weekend, we ended up going to the German Bierfest (of my earlier post Yum bui!) on the 26th instead. This year’s is the 19th of this series of the most traditional and authentic, largest, longest running outdoor German bierfest in Asia! From The open-air Viewing Platform of the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel was packed with beer fans, making that Tuesday seem more like a Friday. The chilly autumn weather was no match to the festive chicken-dancing atmosphere. We went for the bierfest rostbratwurst vom holzkohlengrill mit salatbouquet, rheinischer sauerbraten mit rotkraut und spätzli, and schwarzwälder torte. Thank God for the English translation or you will be sober by the time you get to say your order! Those are simply the charcoal-grilled sausage with salad, braised beef steak in red wine vinegar sauce with braised red cabbage and spätzli, and black forest cake. Löwenbräu and Beck’s completed the feast for Mr. Diplomat. For us, that was the first semblance of how they …

Diplomatic plates

The dinner at the Official Residence of the Consul General over the weekend was a first for me. Naturally, it did not escape me that the plates had the official seal. These bespoke pieces were made by Noritake, and every official residence has the same set of official dinnerware. As you may have imagined, breaking any of these pieces should be avoided at all cost as they cannot be easily replaced. Will these pieces still be there when our time comes say 20 years from now? Perhaps…but for now, we’ll just enjoy all the official dinners. Cheers!

Notes from the Field: Mauritania, Part II from The New Diplomat’s Wife

The New Diplomat’s Wife featured an interview on another diplo-significant other posted in Mauritania, a country in Africa wherein we currently do not have an embassy. You’re having guests over on Saturday night, what’s on the menu? A typical diplo-menu may include: Chilled asparagus soup amuse bouche served in Moroccan tea cups Lobster tail salad with shrimp and calamari Moroccan prune and almond tajine with raisin couscous Mini pears poached in hibiscus juice with raspberry sorbet and a splash of champagne for those who drink alcohol Puerto Rican coffee and oriental mignardises From This excerpt made me stop and realize that I do not have a default menu yet. How bad is that? I started to learn the ins and outs of the kitchen only barely 2 years ago, when I married Mr. Diplomat. Because I always end up cutting my self with even the thinnest aluminum lid, I passed on what I learned to our private staff and let her do everything now, except if it is pasta. Looking at the madame’s selection, …