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HKD94 per minute

Early today, I brought Little Miss Siu Baau to Human Health, a network of private clinics spread all over Hong Kong, for her hepatitis A vaccination. It was our first taste of their private healthcare system, which is so much different from what we were used to with our pediatrician back home. What used to be a 30-minute consultation, vaccination and small talk became a 5-minute in and out of the doctor’s clinic. Here, if you book for a vaccination, that is all you get, no head circumference, height or weight measurements (and booking for a vaccination does not imply that you want a pediatrician to do it, it can be any doctor, so specify specify specify!). If you have other concerns about your baby, you have to book for that as well for a consultation fee of HKD260 apart from the vaccination fee.

For HKD470 for the hepatitis A vaccine, this is what we got. The clinic has a table top that serves as a patient bed, except that the mattress is missing. This is where I was asked to hold down our baby before the injection to her thigh. Astounded, I asked, Me? Not the nurse? Yes, the doctor was referring to me because apparently their nurses are not for that task. I believe I was being reasonable when I called in our private staff to hold down the baby’s legs while I manage the upper body. After the injection, I was expecting the pediatrician to at least note down when we will come back for the next dose, but she just told me that doses are given 6 months apart. I guess that implied book another vaccination when the time comes.

The hepatitis A vaccine is not routinely given to babies here, so if you want it for your baby, you have to do your own homework.

I have nothing against Human Health. What we experienced today is part of the efficiency of this vibrant city. So efficient in fact that we did not have to wait; the doctor was there on the dot. We are definitely going back for the next hepatitis A and influenza vaccines.

Just the same, I miss our old pediatrician and the extra TLC that is worth more than any consultation fee.


  1. walkinginfaith says


    Here in South Africa, vaccinations are free but they are administered by nurses, not doctors. We go to a clinic called Stork’s Nest which is run by nurses. Apparently, the nurses here are very qualified that they even have emergency hotlines. And they can prescribe meds. If you want consultation – measuring weight, height, circumference – there’s an extra 90 Rands (about HKD90 also). And the IPD Vaccines here also costs 90 Rands (about Php540). Its the only vaccine that carries a charge. In the Philippines, it costs about Php5,000 or so. The nurses are super bait din. They will call you two days before your appointment to remind you of it. They even advise on traffic and road constructions going to their clinic.

    This is at least, one thing that is good about our posting. 🙂

  2. Send some of those cool nurses here! Before going to this private clinic, I tried the health centre here because it was supposed to be free for us too. The head nurse was tough. We call her Doctor Nurse. She did a full audit of the baby stuff. She asked what and how many English words my baby knows already, and what toys were available at home. She also gave my baby an impromptu building blocks exam, and my baby’s not even 1.5 years old. I felt like we should have reviewed before going. We went home with a full recommendation of what and how many English words the baby should know when she turns 2 years and a list of toys to buy!

  3. walkinginfaith says

    How are you and Mr. Diplomat and baby diplobrat? I hope you enjoy your posting:)

  4. Enjoying the moment while he is still the officer for Cultural Affairs and Public Information. Events mean freebies!


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