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Klippan sofa in Granan black

We spent so much time already in Ikea Causeway Bay, with their 2010 and 2011 catalogues, and with that, last night, we recognized an Ikea commercial even if it is in Chinese. What started as a short-term solution to get basic furnishings for our flat has now become our only solution. DSC and Pricerite, as well as a multitude of shops in HomeSquare all the way in Shatin (which is four MTR rides away from our place), offer similar items, but we still find ourselves going for what Ikea offers. (I know, right? Check the links and you’ll understand why.)

Ikea is a Swedish company that is now the world’s largest furniture retailer ( Its first branch in Hong Kong was built in 1975 in Tsim Sha Tsui ( Today, there are three branches existing in Causeway Bay, Kowloon Bay and Shatin and a warehouse in Sheung Shui.

In other parts of the world, Ikea products can usually be found in the flats of college students and those who just moved out of their parents’ house. Here, it seems they are the staple, and condominium basements and bulletin boards can attest to this.

Five reasons why we will keep on going back to Ikea for the rest of our stay here in Hong Kong:

1. good and functional design, providing a solution for the space problems of the people of Hong Kong
2. low price, a solution for the high cost of living here
3. low installation rates compared with local household service companies
4. cheap but very good food, especially their meatballs
5. charitable causes in partnership with UNICEF, so it’s like you buy and donate at the same time (

Okay, Mr. Diplomat, I know what you think I am missing out on…an icing on the cake is Mr. meatballs at Ikea Causeway Bay, so do try the meatballs there one of these days…there!

Happy shopping!



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