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Any Playboy Bunny wannabe?

As Macao eagerly counts down to the opening of Playboy Club Macao later this year, Playboy is recruiting for Playboy Club Bunnies and holding a ‘Bunny Hunt’ event on Friday 15 October, 2010. The Playboy Club Macao Bunny Hunt will recruit potential Playboy Bunnies from around the world to host Playboy Club members and high rollers…

To achieve the coveted position of Playboy Club Bunny, applicants must undertake a strict audition and training process before officially becoming a Playboy brand ambassador. Playboy maintains high standards of etiquette, behaviour and dress code, right down to each Bunny’s manicures, make-up and mannerisms. “A Playboy Bunny should always carry herself gracefully, be camera ready and provide smiling and stylised service,” says guest judge Reggie Martin. “Playboy Bunnies are recognized as truly polished professionals and representatives of one of the world’s most well-known brands.”

How to apply for The Playboy Club Macao Bunny Hunt:
Applicants can apply at www.playboymacao.com. Selected Bunnies will then be contacted by Playboy Club Macao.

Your whereabouts will be sooo monitored on October 15, 2010, Mr. Diplomat!



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