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Amah, lovely lady, John Travolta and Uma Thurman

Video to follow.

Interesting and interesting people I met yesterday…

Filipino amahs in Central who, when asked what their greatest achievement is after years of working in Hong Kong, consistently gave one answer: they are proud to have had put their children through college with just their salary here, which right now is set at a minimum of HKD3,580 ( They are mothers, grandmothers and single mothers who would take crap, maybe even literally for some of them, just to be able to send money to their families back home. If you know me, you know that this made me cry…even if we were on the sidewalk, in front of the huge Prada display window.

A lovely lady (waiting for a bite; Les Miserables) who was practically throwing herself at diplomats, young or old, asking them to dance with her during a charity ball at Harbour Grand Kowloon. Good thing, I was with Mr. Diplomat last night. She only went as far as going for the gentleman next to us. What would some women do…

A power couple, also at the charity ball, who worked the dance floor with their John Travolta and Uma Thurman moves. We introduced ourselves as huge fans of theirs after the party and were surprised that they did not have any formal dance lessons whatsoever. The gentleman is an executive director of the Guoco Group and is in his 60s, as I later found out, which is way older than one would imagine.

A pretty eventful day through and through, earning us Mrs. Diplomat Lesson No. 1: Always go with Mr. Diplomat when invited.


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