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Coffeetable book no. 1

Our wedding rings on my bouquet

Over the weekend, the first coffeetable book that I made (with contributions from Mr. Diplomat as he puts it) was delivered whee! I was surprised that it got here in Hong Kong from the US 2 days earlier than estimated by the FedEx tracking system.

The book contains our wedding photos, with inputs from our wedsite. It has been overdue for over a year, so it was one of the first projects that I had after we got settled here in Hong Kong. I made it using the BookSmart software of, a publisher that a lot of photographers use. I find it cute that I used Blurb for my book, which does not have its own blurb! (Sorry…that was just some geeky slip.)

I am not really familiar with the specifications of a book, so I just chose what I thought would look best: 12 x 12 inches, hard cover, ImageWrap, premium paper, matte finish…The software is very easy to use, pretty much like PowerPoint; it will even notify you if a photo’s resolution is not enough for the printing size. After a week of laying out some 150 photos and 5 write-ups, I came up with 50 pages. Thirteen days and just USD106 later (cheap, right?), I now have my first book!

The photos turned out well, although I think the image on the cover appeared a bit darker. I just have to make a few adjustments on the layout of some photos before I order the next copy, this time in lustre finish. But I am seriously considering making it 80 pages because the print on the spine would look better if the book is thicker…and because I overlooked that it would cost me the same amount for 41 to 80 pages oops!



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