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Fortune cookie


Every time I get invited to Mr. Diplomat’s functions, I make sure that I come prepared. I research about the new people I will be meeting, and for the others that I have met before, I try to recall what they have already related to me about themselves. It’s like having little Post-its at the back of my mind for each affair that I go to.

Tonight, we attended a book launch by someone who belongs to Hong Kong 500, a list of who’s who in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Tatler. The book covers their family chronicles and how they intertwine with the histories of Mainland China, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Earlier today, I was practicing my introductory spiel: It’s an honor to meet someone from the Hong Kong 500… So as Mr. Diplomat and I were having our book signed, here’s what I ended up saying: It’s an honor to finally meet someone included in the Fortune 500! And it didn’t occur to me that that’s what I said until she pointed out that how she wished she was a part of that indeed. She was very diplomatic on my funny mistake. We all had a good laugh about what happened.

Even so, I still felt like going home after the book signing because I somehow felt inadequate. Good thing I shrugged it off and went ahead with the gracious dinner invitation from the author for it was apparently in a restaurant that was awarded 1 Michelin star in 2009 (which I will tell you about next time). All’s well that ends well.



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