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Tax free, baby!

Airport Express station

Today will be our first time to travel tax free, that is, on any airline and to almost any destination, which comes with our status as per the International Organizations and Diplomatic Privileges Ordinance. The same thing goes for any host country that recognizes the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations and for the home country as well.

This is in contrast to our expatriation and repatriation, which are not just tax free but entirely free.

What else is tax free if you’re a diplomat? Your accommodation is tax free. Your income is tax free. What? Your car is also tax free?! Well, it is, but you won’t really be needing one in Hong Kong as public transportation here is very efficient (another deterrent for us is the fact that they drive on the left side of the road here, which is the opposite of what we have back home). In such cases, you can get a car (even order a left hand-drive one) 6 months before your repatriation, so you also get to ship it home for free!

Perk-y job, eh? Now, why did I not make a career on politics and international relations again? But hey, I can be a diplomat’s wife and get the same privileges! Curtsy.

Have I mentioned that a lot of diplomats are still single?


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  2. In the Philippines if you are a diplomat posted there, almost everything is tax free. You have this golden diplo card (kidding on the golden) and if you flash it in a store that pays their taxes, tax is automatically deducted from it. Unfortunately here in Indonesia that is not the case for us. You may only ask for rebate for receipts that are over USD 200. And most of the diplos don’t bother because it takes more than 6 months to get your rebate if you even get anything. Hmmmm… where is reciprocity there? Nowhere to be found. =(


    I’m wondering why I am not allowed to comment using my URL? Perhaps it’s with the settings? I had to use my twitter ID to comment on this. Just though you’d like to know =)

  3. Lucky for them! Here, most goods and services are tax free, so we don’t really bother with the other tax refunds, especially that they need to be filed in Mainland China and not in Hong Kong itself.

    Checked my settings and they seemed to be fine. The glitch got me as well when I tried commenting while logged out. Made a report already. Sorry about that.


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