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Le Petit Prince en tournée

The little prince

The Little Prince is on a world tour and made a stopover at Elements mall in Kowloon Peninsula for the summer. This book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a required reading back in the days. Seeing it over the weekend brought out the child in me, and I just had to take photos (and get a stamp wink wink)!

The exhibit included the prince’s asteroid B612, asteroid 325 and the king, asteroid 326 and the conceited man, asteroid 327 and the tippler, asteroid 328 and the businessman, asteroid 329 and the lamplighter, and asteroid 330 and the geographer.

Asteroid 329 and the lamplighter

It also featured the prince’s new wardrobe by Carol Gamarra and Mario Ville of katacca.

New wardrobe

Separate exhibits showcased the prince’s rose in a garden of 2,000 roses by Armani Fiori and Gary K, and my favorite, the boa that swallowed an elephant!

Can you see where the boa is?

Have fun!



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