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Viral NaRaYa

Two years ago, I was looking for a baby bag with none of the usual characters that we love, one that doesn’t scream I’M A BABY BAG! I bumped into a new shop with lovely bags on display. That is where I found the pink, oversized, light-weight NaRaYa bag with an oversized bow that became Little Miss Diplomat’s first accessory.

I only know one friend back home who also has this bag, but as soon as we landed in Hong Kong, poof it’s everywhere! Half of the ladies here have one. You ride the MTR and take a random photo, and it will pass as an ad for NaRaYa.

The amusing thing is, NaRaYa does not even have a shop here. The Web site says there are two in Macau, which is an hour’s ferry ride away. Ladies and bags, they just go together. No sea can set them apart.


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