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Killer bills

We thought we were already over the hump when we moved in to our new place, but apparently, deposits here apply not only to flats but also to utilities. After Mr. Diplomat took up the consumership, CLP, the power company, asked for HKD1,500; the Water Supplies Department, HKD400; and Towngas, HKD600. These came as hidden expenses as these things did not come out in my predeparture research. I find it amusing that, here, we have to read the water and gas meters ourselves and report it at the end of each billing cycle, then we get a bill that says Demand for Payment as if we haven’t paid for months. Hey, we just got here! No harm done. It’s just their way of saying request for payment.

What the planeteer in me likes best is that they bill only every 2 or 4 months here, cutting back on the use of paper. They also encourage consumers to save on power and water by charging more per unit as you consume more. That’s not so bad a trade off if you ask me.

Now, time to cough up some HKD!


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